Grilled Flatbread with Chorizo & Peppers
  • 2 Tbsp. olive oil
  • 1 lb refrigerated pizza dough, at room temperature
  • ¾ cup fresh salsa
  • 4 oz dry-cured Spanish chorizo, chopped
  • ½ cup mixed red and yellow pepper strips
  • 1 pkg (8 oz) KRAFT Shredded Triple Cheddar Cheese with a TOUCH OF PHILADELPHIA
  1. HEAT grill to medium heat.
  2. BRUSH 1 Tbsp. oil onto large sheet of parchment paper. Divide Dough in half: place 1 piece on prepared parchment.
  3. Roll out to 14X8-inch rectangle or 12-inch round. Repeat with remaining oil, dough and second sheet of parchment.
  4. Transfer dough, parchment sides up, to grill; remove parchment.
  5. GRILL 2 to 4 minutes, or until bottoms of crusts are lightly charred. Place grilled sides up, on work surface.
  6. TOP with salsa, chorizo, peppers and cheese. Grill 4 to 5 minutes or until cheese is melted.
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